Come back to Nature

Your Forest Hideaway

Taking our cues from nature, we incorporate considered design and elegant spaces to create a lakeside haven where the switched-on come to switch off.



Elements Spa




Under the Stars

Designed with the surroundings in mind, each room is bright and airy with a nod to the tranquil views beyond.

Find the perfect place to spend your time with us. Forest Domes to take refuge amongst nature, Suites to drink in the views and Lakeside Villas to gather with loved ones.

Elements Spa


An Ode to Nature

We are doing things differently, with an emphasis on original design and unassuming service you will feel a quiet calm throughout Finn Lough. With loving appreciation we are committed to protecting this beautiful place we occupy with sustainable practices and spaces that meld into their surroundings. Our restrained, considered luxury is the antidote to the incessant beat of the every day – the perfect destination for those who know how precious their time is and how to spend it wisely.

Take Time-out with us

How we do things now

Apart Together

We will be reopening our doors on July 9th with some changes to ensure the health and well-being of our guests and staff. We are doing everything to ensure you can completely relax with peace of mind

From ours to yours

In the Family

We are a family and proud custodians of the lakeside retreat our parents lovingly cultivated long before we came along. Although they have technically hung up their hats, you'll likely have Bobby stop you for a chat as he keeps an eye on things!

Seek Simplicity

Within Nature

We believe that the elegant simplicity of nature is the greatest luxury, and this principle guides us in all that we do. We favour natural materials, with wood and stone woven into the fabric of everything. Reclaimed materials and upcycled pieces lend sustainability and character to every space.


Earth and Ours

Wellness forms the corner stone of what we do. We want to create a place that people leave with a sense of wellbeing that goes beyond their own. We consider the mark we leave on this planet and we take every care to minimise our footprint through mindful practises in all that we do.

Slowly does it

Savour Moments

Too often life's pace diverts and distracts us but here we savour in the slow and simple pleasures. We walk, we listen and we immerse ourselves in what surrounds us. You won't find high speed wifi in our rooms or televisions in the domes. We invite you to switch off and tune in to nature.

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